Monday, December 04, 2006

Dining in the Dark

A popular restaurant in LA served diners in complete darkness. Something tells me this would never fly in Miami...Dimly lit candles are one thing, but a blackout is too reminiscent of hurricane season. Plus, why bother leaving the house for this? The one nice thing is they employ legally blind waiters.


Arielle Castillo said...

hey sarah,

this is actually a copy of this place, in paris, that opened in 2004:

dans le noir

there are now locations in london and moscow as well. however, at dans le noir, the further gimmick is that not only is the place pitch black, but all the servers are blind.

i'm too tired to make any kind of intelligently worded value judgment on the entire concept... however, i will say that dropping food all over myself while trying to bring fork to mouth is not my idea of a relaxing meal. :)

sara said...

Yeah it's gimmicky, but perhaps it's a way to appreciate dining out, or eating, or seeing?