Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reversing the Dogma...of Dogma Grill

Things have changed at your favorite retro hot dog joint on Biscayne. Gone are the veggie dogs and LA-ish toppings like avocado and feta cheese. In their place: Philly cheesesteaks, oyster po’boys and roast beef sandwiches. The hot dogs are still there, too, with old school toppings like baked beans and cheez wiz. And sure, you can quote Beck when ordering that last one.
7030 Biscayne Boulevard, (305) 759-3433

Friday, July 15, 2011

Taste of the Nation 2011

This is my favorite food event of the summer. It's a chance to mingle with chefs, wine lovers and assorted riff raff - my kind of party. And the venue this year - Fairmont Turnberry - proved a spacious comfortable spot, with plenty of room to navigate between the stations and hunker down with your plastic tray with it's wine glass holder. Best in show: the Zellwood corn soup from Paula DaSilva at 1500 Degrees, spicy crispy tuna from Makoto ( I won't lie; I shamelessly Hoovered three pieces of those tasty bites as I passed the table), lobster tacos from Joe's Stone Crab and short rib dim sum from STK. Herewith a few photos.

Azul's Joel Huff with pea soup shooters topped with chicharon, gold flakes and cheese pebbles.
Paula DaSilva, always smiling and always cooking up something nice.

Joe's Stone Crab put out bit-size lobster tacos with diced mango and sweet pepper foam. 

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Luther @ Bulldog Burger

You know what's decadent? The Luther burger at Bulldog Burger (an offshoot of Bulldog BBQ). A riff on the Krispy Kreme burger, this calorie bomb doesn't actually employ a glazed doughnut for the bun. Instead the kitchen glazes thier regular brioche bun to give it that sticky, crusty feel. The sweet fluffyness contrasts pleasantly with the beefy heft of the eight-ounce patty.  Did I finish the whole damn thing myself? No. Half was enough for me, thanks. I was two bites away from being the poster child for this website.