Thursday, January 08, 2015

Reality Show Pitch

For lovers of sports entertainment competitions I'd like to propose a reality show called 
it will involve the following skills:
- Jedi-style mind tricks
- the acrobatic coordination and wrestling strength of American Ninja Warrior
- the logistical derring-do of Navy SEALs
that is all.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Getting Tiki With It

Because it's never too early to introduce the kids to oversized frozen drinks.
At Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle, Islamorada.

Brunch @ Vintro Kitchen, South Beach

A bit hidden, but that just enhances the charm of this spot on the Collins Canal. The self-serve bowls of nutella on the brunch buffet are GENIUS. Things like fresh made paella, grilled lamb chops and a live flamenco guitarist give the place a sultry Latin vibe.

A Conversation About Art Basel

A recent conversation I had regarding ‪#‎ArtBasel‬, the mega-cluster-F. 
I start. 
"So this year there are come cool events happening--"
"I'm not going to anything where we have to wait in line with a gaggle of people trying to get in while some snooty person with an iPad looks for our name."
"Right. Okay, well there's also---"
"And then we get there and the crowd isn't the right crowd, or not a big enough crowd, or not a smart enough crowd. Or where parking is a headache, or where we get stuck in traffic. Or where the valet line is 100 a-holes long. Or where we have to fight to get a drink/tiny bite/spoon of tuna tartar. Or where I get elbowed by Julian Schnabel and Jeffrey Deitch starts yelling at his door people. Or anything where we stand around WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN."
"Yep. So I guess that covers it. See you in a week?"
"Sounds good."

Siena Tavern, South Beach

Exuberant celeb chef (and former Top Chef contestant) Fabio Viviani has brought his Chicago-based Italian tavern to our beachy shores.
The former China Grill 400-seater is now transformed into an expansive playground of Italian delights. There's an open pizza kitchen, an expansive circular bar and a mix of high and low tables that breaks up the cavernous space, making it somewhat cozy. Yes, there's a signature beer on tap, made by Wynwood Brewing. As for the food.