Sunday, December 10, 2006

Art Basel Update: Get me a Bagel

Still have lots of pics and observations to share but that will have to come later. Off to check out NADA (finally) and take one last glance at the "big fair."
Memo to Art Basel organizers: Next year, for the bacchanalia that is "Art Loves Design," try and hire some street-food vendors, you know hot pretzels, arepas, whatever trendy affordable food fits the Art Basel aesthetic, because there were way too many drunk people getting into their cars in the Design District last night. It's great that whoever coordinates the Design District block party did a great job of landing liquor sponsors, because the booze was free flowing everywhere but there was no food to be had in any of the galleries or showrooms. Also, Design Miami, what's up with pushing the 90-proof vodka with nary a hint of mixer? Everyone at the Moore Space was sloshed.

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