Thursday, December 21, 2006

New World Symphony @ The Flamingo

The New World Symphony is one of the nicest cultural organizations in our city. They employ talented musicians, have frequent and varied musical performances and sometimes put on free concerts. Last Saturday the Friends of the New World Symphony, their young patrons group, held a performance at the gargantuan Flamingo Complex (now a hotly anticipated condo conversion building). The Flamingo building, usually known for its raucous party-happy residents was actually an inspired choice for this event. The enormous pool deck overlooking the bay was the perfect backdrop to the shmoozing before and after the performance.

There was food (Bar Mitzvah worthy carving stations and ample passed hors d'oeuvres), well-stocked open bars and fabulous young supporters of the arts. Organized by the always-glowing Stacey Glassman and lovely Shoshanna Mehrpouyan from Treister Murry Agency, the evening was a charmingly relaxed antidote to the Art Basel frenzy of weeks past. When the musicians did their thing, a respectful hush went over the crowd even through the band's energetic cover of the Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony."
The event was sponsored by the Flamingo South Beach which was fantastic of them. Sponsoring this and -scope art fair sets an admirable example for other developers. Wouldn't it be nice if other real estate companies put more resources into improving and enriching local life?

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