Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Art Basel Kickoff @ MoCA NoMi

The MoCA Art in America Party always sets the tone for the wild rumpus week of Art Basel. Everyone makes an appearance at the North Miami outpost from the art freaks to the graying collectors and a good time is had by all in the museum's neon-lit courtyard. Often, it's the conversations in the courtyard that are the most fascinating. As I sipped the first of many Bacardis to be consumed throughout the week, this is what I overheard.
"What is that you're eating there? A falafel?"
"Yeah, it's like an African falafel. Made with black-eyed peas."
"...You really need to get down there and see it soon because Carlos is taking down the installation, like, as we speak."
"I'm gonna get a Bacardi Melon, they taste like Jolly Ranchers!"
"This art fair cost my gallery nearly 50k. Yeah, seriously, talk about business expenses."
"Why do they always have cheap Australian wine at these art things? Makes me swear like a truck driver."
And so on and so forth. Plus, there was a lot of French and Shcvietz-Deutschen going on.
And man, those Europeans are gorgeous. Talk about cheekbones! These women, many of them in their forties and with real life wrinkles are long legged and glamorous. It's nice to see women who age gracefully and aren't afraid to let their bodies show it. It also helps to be built like a gazelle.
Speaking of beautiful women, fashion icon Donna Karan (left) took in the Bruce Nauman neon exhibit inside and was gracious when local folks stopped to tell her how wonderful it is that DKNY "actually cuts a size 6 that real women can fit into." But I think Donna's glaring at the woman on the right because she said something like: "Oh I just love your wrap dresses, I've been collecting them since the 70's!" Oops, wrong designer, lady.

And is that Samuel Keller or a look alike? Because if it is, the dude on the right really needs to tell Mr. Keller about a young Polish artist that is literally shaking things up in the art world these days.

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