Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fukumitsuya: Everything Sake

When in Tokyo, eat sushi, lots of it, and drink Sake, the rice wine that is as smooth and elegant as a silk kimono. The Fukumitsuya Brewing Company has been distilling the exquisite beverage since the 17th century and its Fukumitsuya Sake Shop located in the back streets of Ginza functions as both an intimate tasting bar and a wonderful outlet for all types of Sake and the drink’s accessories. Peruse sculptural Sake utensils such as cast-iron decanters, wooden sake cups ($35 each) and pewter flasks. There’s also graceful thimble-sized tasting cups made of porcelain ($300 for the set). In addition to all things Sake, the store also carries a unique selection of plates, chopsticks and distinctive Japanese hand-dyed cotton cloths called “tenugui” ($9 each) that double as napkins or handkerchiefs. The Sake selections available for tasting at the tiny bar run the gamut from the modest to the extravagant including a delicate Junmai ($4 shot glass) made from red rice and tasting faintly like rose wine, or the more robust Momotose ($10 for a snifter), a matured Sake aged over thirty years. Also make sure to try the sake ice cream ($4 a dish), as rich and fragrant as the drink itself. After sampling you can decide which bottle to bring back for friends, but make sure to buy one for yourself, as many of these brands are hard to find in Florida.
Monday-Saturday 11:00-21:00
Sunday and Holidays 11:00-20:00
Tel : 03-3569-2291
5-5-8 Ginza
Chuo-ku. West of Harumi Dori, on Ginza W. 5th St

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