Sunday, June 17, 2007

Beijing Traffic Fun

Film making allows you to step outside your comfort zone and do things you would never normally do, save for the sake of the film. And indeed everyone we are working with is being tested above and beyond the usual limits of sanity and perseverance for the good of the movie. We decided it would make a great frustration scene if one of our actors walked around a busy Beijing street trying to futaly hail a cab. We chose an intersection near the Third Ring Road for this moment. Not only did it require our actor to walk into the middle of a 6-way intersection involving bicycles, mopeds, tricycle carts, and motorized rickshaws (and various other modes of transportation one finds on a typical Beijing street), it also required 2 people to film the whole thing.

The irony is that is was not as dangerous as you would think. Traffic in Beijing is thick with people and vehicles but it also really cautious. Cars are slower, more reactive to pedestrians have less tendency to rage and make rash moves.

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