Friday, June 29, 2007

And We're Off...

Again. Another trans-Atlantic plane ride, 5 movies (the best being Children of Men, the worst Norbit), 2 vegetarian meals (since when does veggie plane food equal no protein?) and we are in another country. This time it is Israel, though, more of a second home than a foreign country. After 3 weeks in China it's nice to come back to familiar surroundings. The air seems cleaner, the sky blue and clear and the country is absolutely packed with tourists. It's gratifying to see the flocks of young student groups, family trips and random Scandinavian tourists exploring Jerusalem. It means I need to wait a little longer to a get a snack from my favorite falafel shack on Ben Yehuda street but that's fine with me. (I'm sure in a week I'll be so annoyed with the crowds and wax nostalgic for the days of the Intifada - JUST KIDDING! - but until then I'll bask in the Zionist glow.) The first thing we did after arriving was get dinner at Link Restaurant, a hidden courtyard dive with a tree growing out the indoor dining room. And today we did a quick shopping spree at the Machane Yehuda outdoor food market (above). Friday is the best and craziest day to go because the market is madness - everyone is there buying food for Shabbat. But it's that manic energy that gives the place its character. We bought almonds, apricots, olives, stuffed grape leaves, tabouli and English newspapers. That should get us through the weekend.
PS - More China posts still on the way, there's plenty to share.

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