Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Food Gang Has Closed

The windows are papered up and the message on the answering machine says they're closed permanently.
The restaurant was barely open two years. The past few months they seemed to be really struggling with empty tables and trying out pre-fixe menus and wine tasting nights to get people in. It's too bad, I liked the gourmet market-adjoined to a gourmet restaurant concept. I think they would have done better with it if they had held on to Howie Kleinberg post-Top Chef and not charged $4 for baguettes in the market.


Anonymous said...

Howie Shmowie, the reality is the owners didnt have a clue as to how to Market a business-Dont be blindfolded by Howie as he doesnt have a clue either as it takes alot more than an ability to cook to operate a restaurant for profit-Let me say that Buldog is in way over his head and has been spending family money or should I say wasting family money as that basic restaurant should have been opened 1 yr ago-add in the rent and you will see that by end of October the same sign that was/is on Food gand as well as so many other wanna bee's (think Rybaks) will have hanging in the window. Its time The magic city gets real with its own food reality!!!

sara said...

Wow, anon, that's some pessimistic talk.