Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Corsini, South Beach

Best new date spot on the beach: I Corsini. Seriously, the place is practically made for marriage proposals. Or at least a little post-feasting snogging. There's plenty of secluded tables set amidst tasteful outdoor lighting and lush foliage. Oh, and the chef's a hottie, so make sure to catch a glimpse of him at work in the open kitchen. He'll probably come around to your table at some point in the night anyway, it's just that kind of place.
What should you order?
Well, the tripe for starters. Yes, it's quite offal (tee-hee), stewed to chewy perfection and seasoned with rosemary and pine nuts. There's also Sardinia-esque pastas (the chef honed his skills at the Purdy Ave restaurant), like a tagliolini with shaved bottarga. The Tuscan bread soup, listed as a starter, is hearty enough for a main and the tortellone stuffed with pumpkin are delicate and delicious. We also polished off a board of mixed grill with lamb, steak and roasted baby chicken.

Right now the restaurant is running a three-course $33 menu that includes a glass of wine.
560 Washington Ave, South Beach.


The Chowfather said...

Just moved up my to do list. Menu sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Nearly went here Friday night, but stopped short at Talula instead. How long can I stay away? They've got tripe after all. I thought the pasta with bottarga sounded familiar, nice pickup that the chef did time at Sardinia.

sara said...

Interested to hear your thoughts, Chow and Frod. The Sardinia influences are all over the menu. But he's got his own tricks thrown in, of course.

SteveBM said...

Great timing on this post. I'll likely be there this weekend... :)

SteveBM said...

So, planned to go Sunday night (tonite) and then heard from friends thy tonite they have a free buffet if you order drinks. Kinda awesome. Obviously won't be a good inicatir of the food quality but a pretty kickass offering nonetheless!