Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunday Brunch @ The Four Seasons Miami

If you're looking for a champagne-soaked megabrunch, this is it. And maybe you weren't necessarily in the mood for whole-roasted pig, dim sum, sushi, a plethora of salads, roast beef, sea bass, smoked salmon, ceviche station, and a raw bar with crabs claws and oysters, but you go for it anyway because it's Sunday morning and you're at the Four Seasons and everything looks fresh and tasty and is constantly being replenished by the kind waitstaff and a server keeps offering to bring you a mimosa or a mojito from the unlimited bar and you're thinking, yes, maybe I am in the mood for a champagne-soaked megabrunch. So you work your way through the hot stations that include that buttery miso sea bass with sides of polenta and asparagus and then hit up the omelet man for a fluffy mushroom-and-onion flecked creation after which you peruse the salads and settle on a refreshing grapefruit and hearts of palm variety which cleanses your palette for yet another round of sushi and dim sum and Oh! What's this? They've whipped up some fresh pad thai, how great! And now there are the duck pancakes with carrots and hoisin to sample and what about the soup, well, nah, better save room for dessert.
So you take a deep breath and heave yourself from the sun-filled dining room that offers views of Brickell and the sparkling bay and make your way over to the dessert annex - yes, it needs it own room - and follow the suggestions of the young pastry chef who is patiently manning the multi-tiered display of sugary confections that you almost, almost, feel guilty destroying with your gluttonous fork but you do so anyway because this is the Four Seasons and it's Sunday morning and you probably won't eat for the rest of the day, hell, the rest of the week because it's all. Just. So. Good.

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