Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Evening Under the Stars @ Vizcaya

There are three uber-romantic locations in South Florida that all fall into relatively the same category: Villa Vizcaya, the Biltmore hotel and the Breakers hotel. But what sets Vizcaya apart from the other two is that it was actually someone's home. Sure the Biltmore and the Breakers are grand affairs, but one expects that from a hotel, though they both evoke the same old-school charm. Last Friday night Vizcaya hosted their 10th annual "Evening Under the Stars" fundraiser at the historic old mansion. After a brief tour of the palatial home it was pretty clear that owner John Deering had an unlimited budget (well actually $22 million in 1916) and a penchant for extravagant decor.
Now that is all to our benefit as we get to enjoy the sprawling garden, storybook waterfront location and fairytale interiors. The event was a relaxed wine and food tasting with various local restaurants and wine distributors on hand to dispense tasty samples. Standouts included O Asian Grill's cucumber-flecked noodles and City Cellar's creamy gazpacho. The dessert buffet (left) was also loaded with wonderful treats like mint-chocolate truffles and chocolate-covered strawberries.
And of course what Miami party would be complete with a massive vat of paella?

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karim rashids designs for the hotel in athens are great.