Monday, May 14, 2007

Green Flamingos Rundown

Whew! 8 presenters, 160 slides, 56 minutes of programming, over 100 audience members, 12 bottles of Rain Vodka, and 3 cheese and tart platters later, I am happy to report that the launch of Content:Miami's first event was a rousing success.

Presenter Yoni Marcoschamer (left) and Mark Gunia, brother of presenter Nick share a pre-show drink.

The crowd mingled and perused the space-age features of the Zeitgeist Showroom before the program began. A big thanks to Zeitgeist for hosting us, it was really the perfect venue for this event. Plus, the transforming kitchen module is always a crowd-pleaser.

The goat cheese tarts and gourmet cheeses provided by Grass Restaurant chef Michael Jacobs went like hotcakes. Everyone also appreciated the free drinks at the Grass after-party. Thanks to Richard and Michael!

Several presenters had items on display including Nick Gunia's Alterna Corps terrazzo floor tiles made with discarded glass and insulation made from recycled denim. Ecoist brother Yoni and Yair's handbags made from recycled candy wrappers were big hits and had all the ladies (and some gents) coveting the fashionable clutches.

Their motto "buy a bag, plant a tree" had me at hello. (You can buy them here, folks.)

The packed crowd settles in for the presentation. Attendance was so impressive that we ran out of chairs and most people ended up standing for the show, proving the event-going stamina of Miami party people. Or maybe there was something special in that organic vodka....

Rebecca Carter of GreenerMIAMI and Ecorazzi delved into the world of celebrity "green gossip" finding the green lining in every celebrity scandal, declaring Paris Hilton's jail time as "45 days of reducing Paris's carbon footprint."

Facundo Poj gave a fascinating look at art and furniture he creates from discarded bathtubs and airplane materials including doors (above) that can be transformed into comfy lounge chairs.

Nick Gunia described the work of Alterna Corp and also donated a green credit through Dream in Green to help reduce make the night's event carbon-neutral.
A fantastic time was had by all. Thank you to everyone who gave their time and energy to help make this happen!
Special thanks to Shawn for being resident photographer.

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