Thursday, May 03, 2007

Max Brenner and the Critic

Frank Bruni reviews the New York outpost of Israeli chocoholic eatery Max Brenner Chocolate by the Bald Man. He gives it a "satisfactory" noting the milk chocolate is nothing special and the only thing worth getting is the dark chocolate mug of hot chocolate. He does discover the most disconcerting candy ever made: pop-rocks chocolate.
And then I felt a crackling spreading down my throat, because a piece of chocolate I had grabbed from a sampler plate was studded with candies like Pop Rocks. As I waited for the tracheal fireworks to subside and wondered if excess was a word in Max Brenner’s vocabulary, I saw Gavin double over, his hands on his stomach.
He let out a pathetic little moan, accompanied by words as true as any I’ve heard spoken.
“Not everything,” he said, “should be made into a dessert.”


The Environmentalist said...

So funny- went to Max Brenner on Tuesday and got the chocolate praline crepe. I thought it was quite delicious and it was served with a vanilla sauce in a shot glass. The only think I didn't like was the side of the toffee bananas. I thought they were a bit icky. I would have to go back and order different things to make a full assessment of the Max Brenner experience.

sara said...

Ooh that crepe sounds deelish. Despite Bruni's verdict I still want to try Max Brenner. Next time I'm in NYC!