Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Miami Restaurant Buzz

  • Miami Spice unveils participating restaurants. Newcomers include Karu & Y, David Bouley Evolution, O Asian Grill, Santo, Table 8, Food Gang, Michaels Genuine, and Oceanaire Seafood Room. Prices have gone up ($22 for lunch, $35 for dinner, both 3 courses) but so has the caliber of restaurants.
  • The gentrification of the neighborhood surrounding the MoCA continues with the opening of Dogma Grill North Miami Beach. This is a good development, Dogma fries are ah-mahzing.
  • Norman's closes, a shame for the SoFla dining scene, a boon to Key West and Orlando (he's focusing his energy on ventures there).
  • Govind Armstrong signs books Friday June 1 at Books and Books Coral Gables.

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