Monday, May 21, 2007

Rice House of Kabob

As a resident Miami foodie who also happens to be of Persian persuasion I felt it my duty to sample the Persian food at Rice House of Kabob. The good news is that the fast-food casual eatery is cheap, clean and they know how to make delicate Persian rice. Not as crunchy as my grandmother's, but good enough for Miami standards. The downside is that the atmosphere and decor could use a little sprucing, the menu veers more towards Middle Eastern than Persian at times, and there's no choresht (a term for a variety of Persian stews featuring beans, greens and meat, usually very lemony and cooked for long periods of time) offered.

The chicken kabob platter (above) was fresh and colorful. It comes with tender pieces of marinated chicken breast, a Greek salad and a side of rice. There are other grilled kabobs on offer including meat and swordfish. At $7-$9 a platter it's good value. You can also order a rice platter by itself like this zereshk (above) with tart barberries and saffron, the rice moist and each grain separate, without being sticky. We also tried the stuffed grape leaves and were underwhelmed, they had been sitting in the refrigerated case too long. In terms of authentic Persian cuisine I would not trade this place for a meal at Saffron (6500 South West 40 Street), the best crunchy rice I've had down here, and they make a varieties of choresht. But if you're interested in a quick, healthy meal that teeters on the exotic, Rice is a nice option.
Rice House of Kabob
1318 Alton Road, South Beach

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