Monday, April 30, 2007

Shecky's @ The Moore Building

Oh Shecky's. You tried really hard. And I suppose you meant well. Shopping + cocktails should equal an awesome event, right? But maybe Miami is looking for something more than jeans called "Little in the Middle" (you know, for ladies with small waists, and more down below), or little wallets shaped like girly panties.

Maybe when you say "designer boutiques" Miami women assume there will be actual fashion designers in attendance. You did tout an "overstuffed" goodie bag and every girl made sure to get hers before venturing into the Moore Building's 4 floors of flea market goods. It would be nice if the contents of said gift bag was not weighed down by an 8oz. bottle of "Sea Breeze" and a magazine of dubious origin called New Beauty (approx. 4 pounds). Who is Shecky anyway, and why does he/she insist on charging people to shop? The best feature of the event was the Moore Building itself, a visual wonder made more intriguing by Zaha Hadid's elastic Art Basel 2005 installation.

There was one gal with pretty embroidered purses and Asian robes called Perfume River.

The different liquor sponsors on each floor certainly made things more interesting. But the Designer showcase next door, at the new Damon Japonais space was the place to go for real local designer duds. Krelwear was selling her tubular knits at 70% off and the Cardiac boys were showing some distinctive mohair and tassel embellished frocks. Plus, champagne!

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