Saturday, April 28, 2007

EarthFest, EcoSpectacular

Earthfest festivities last Sunday were ecotastic. All the movers and shakers in the Green world came out to show off their projects and bond as a community. The shoe arch composed of old shoes and decorated by schoolchildren was a fantastic "found-art" way to welcome people to the festival.

Tons of people attended, Stephanie from Rag Trade held a FreeSwap that was so popular that items were coming and going before you could even take stock. Nick Gunia from Alterna Corp was on hand to explain about the recycled building materials his company makes (denim transforms into insulation, recycled glass becomes terazzo flooring).

And Jonathan Marcoschamer from Ecoist had a great booth filled with his eco-fashionable handbags made from recycled candy wrappers and luna bars. Supposedly Paris Hilton has donned these purses at some point in her wacky nightlife.

It was inspiring to see so many young creative people incorporating green principles into their businesses and projects. And all these folks have been working on this stuff before it was trendy to be Green.

I leave you now with my favorite image from the FreeSwap, a Dolphins helmet table lamp. Love it!


Anonymous said...

Hey that's me... hehehe! Great review!

Anonymous said...

That lamp is truly amazing.