Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monterey Wine Country Tour @ Nikki Beach

Oenophiles had their day in the sun at Thursday's Monterey Wine Country tasting at Nikki Beach's St. Tropez-like backyard. There were over 20 wineries represented at the tasting, with smaller boutique operations in attendance. I discovered some new favorites like Michaud Vineyard's 2001 Chardonay and J. Lohr Vineyard's Arroyo Vista Chardonay.

Nikki Beach was a great setting for this kind of relaxed browsing with white canvas chairs and outdoor beds positioned on the sand for lounging. There was also plenty of decadent treats to stem the tipsiness. Student chefs from hospitality school Hialeah concocted chocolate covered strawberries and other appetizers.

The venue prepared platters of desserts like mini-tarts and key lime pies. There was also some hearty beef but I was too busy trying all the sweet stuff. Overall, it was a great culinary experience and made me feel a little closer to the characters in Sideways.

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