Monday, April 16, 2007

Post Secret @ Nexus Pavilion

The Post Secret event at the Nexus 4 sales center was a highlight of this weekend's Art and Design Night in the Design District. We stopped by at around 9pm and the place was packed with everyone from young hipsters to retirees enjoying the free drinks and tasty bites from Pasha's (their spinach cakes are deelish). The postcards were displayed along one wall and there were consistently people perusing the cards at any given moment. I was struck by the card that said something like "I sell cosmetics and lie to women all day." I knew it!
Frank Warren (below, in the white shirt), the man behind the project, was on hand to sign books, chat and be his congenial self.

The Nexus group, the company building the eco-friendly COR building by Chad Oppenheim, has been putting together some innovative events the last few weeks, including the performance by the Krane theatrical troupe at last month's Design Night. I will be working with them on a Green event for next month, so stay tuned, t'will be very exciting!


Dayngr said...

I SO wanted to be there.

sara said...

It was nice, but the books are impressive on their own - just flipping through it sparks so many thoughts.