Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ain't No Party Like a Summer Party

Remember when we used to sit around during the sultry Miami summers and fondly observe how things were so....slow? How there was just nothing to do except drink at Zeke's and see a movie on Lincoln Road?
Well, memo to nightlife denizens: Miami no longer takes a break in the summer.
Case in point - this week. Tuesday night was the Blackbook party at Kobe Club (that's the stingray-skin bar above). It was pretty swank, what will all the free kobe beef ravioli making the rounds. Wednesday night hosted a happy hour at North 110, the Webster boutique hosted a champagne-soaked sample sale, and Circa 28 hosted a Locos Por Juana CD release party. (People still buy CD's?)
And take tonight: The W South Beach is celebrating thier "topping off" with a chi-chi soiree, Abokado and Ocean Drive are teaming up for a Social happy hour, Monsieur the men's elite day spa is hosting an opening bash in Coral Gables and the Biltmore just relaunched their buzzing Thursday night Havana-themed party.


SteveBM said...

My spa robes are in Monsieur. Bought from a distributor of mine down here :) I gotta check it out sometime.

sara said...

Cool. Maybe I'll send my monsieur there to check it out.