Friday, June 27, 2008

Gen Art's SHOP Miami @ The Moore Building

Gen Art's SHOP Miami event was three floors of fashion madness last night. Lots of style mavens in the house trying on little dresses over their jeans and fighting for mirror space behind flimsy makeshift curtain dressing rooms. Once again the Moore Building proved to be a great venue for these types of events (even Shecky's crappy sale bonanza worked well in the space) with the elastic Zaha Hadid installation providing a welcome wackiness. The biggest traffic jam was in the front of the Toff Miami booth where one friend snagged 2 Ana Sui dresses for $140. Now that's a sample sale. The open bars kept the trend crusaders lubricated with Baileys, Peroni and 10 Can rum (although the only mixers were Vitamin Energy drinks, no rum and diet for you, skinny jeans lovers!). Local Miami designers were out in force including Krelwear, Ecoist, Nazly Villamizar and the subject of my latest fashion profile in 944, Tricia Fix, looking happy to be selling.

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