Monday, June 09, 2008


I honor of Vampire Weekend at the Fillmore Miami tonight. A little something to get you in the mood.


SuperBee said...

I looked directly at you last night at Vampire Weekend, and didn't say "hi," because your hair was straight, and I didn't recognize you. Forgive me for being rude. :)

sara said...

Hah! You are not the first to say that. I've been moonlighting the new look. What did you think of the show? Pretty fun, no?

SuperBee said...

1) I think the hair looks great.

2) I had a fantastic time there; a great way to spend a Monday night. They give off that happy-Guster vibe. Also, everyone I still know in Miami seemed to be there, which was awesome.

sara said...

1) Thank you!

2) EVERYONE was there. But at first I felt sorta old, like, whoa, there's a lot of teenagers here.