Friday, June 20, 2008

Coffee and Chocolate

Been running around the city flitting from meeting to lunch date to meeting to coffee date like a mad hatter. Lots of fun stuff to report. Been drinking coffee like a fiend and found possibly the best cuppa at Roasting Plant Coffee on the Lower East Side (above). The place is set-up like with Willy Wonka-esque coffee shoots where you get to choose your beans - all organic with titles like Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, etc. - and they roast those bad boys right there on the spot and spark up the freshest brew ever.
Stopped by Israeli import Max Brenner's chocolate emporium in Union Square where a gaggle of Asian tourists were enamored of the Willy Wonka-ness on display there. Sampled some chocolate-covered pecans, pronounced them bittersweet-tastic and was on the move.

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