Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New York State of Mind

Sorry about the lack of bloggage friends, I'm in New York for the week, catching up with old friends, new friends and interacting with all sorts of humanity. Was the city always this crowded? Damn there are a lot of people here.
Tried blogging from Bryant Park yesterday which was idyllic and quiet and beautiful except for one thing: no outlets. They definitely need to get on that. I've been eating my way through the city of course, with a fantastic Greek feast at Avra (thanks again Greta and Allison!), pickles on the Lower East Side, a stop at my fave falafel shack Mamoun's, and drinks at my old college haunt, The Heights, where I found myself thinking was this place always so...sticky?
More pics and updates on the way. In the meantime you Miamians should read this First Look of Fratelli Lyon.

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