Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vampire Weekend Loves Miami

Last night's Vampire Weekend show at the Fillmore was oodles of good fun. Lots of fresh-scrubbed indie kids and plenty of late-20's types loving the Cape Cod-themed rock. They played their entire oeuvre (with the exception of "The Kids Don't Stand a Chance") and 2 new ones which really, really reminded me of Graceland but it was more than ok with me and everyone there. The place was packed and I think the band was genuinely surprised at the outpouring of love from the audience. Stage banter was minimal at first and then quirky and appealing: "We like to do a call and response with "Blake's Got a New Face", but if you're not into it, that's ok. Don't leave the safe zone." They also really dug the Fillmore venue as lead singer Ezra observed, "I love these chandeliers, they remind me of UFO's" and promised that next time they came to town they'd have a tricked-out stage design with a diamond-encrusted Vampire Weekend sign. Fun, cute, fun. We walked out of there smiling.
I found this shaky youtube vid of the concert. You get a sense of the energy of the show, with everyone singing along. I realize the lead singer reminds of the kid from Harold and Maude, a good thing.

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