Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Restaurants play a prominent role on this blog, mostly because I like food and the restaurant scene here is constantly evolving. Usually I am a happy clam eating out, but there are those times when an experience at a restaurant has been disappointing, possibly unpleasant and lands it firmly in my "underwhelmed" category. So here's my list, if you disagree, let me know, I'm always ready to give second chances. Feel free to share your lists as well.
  • A Fish Called Avalon - here's a place that rides on the tourist wave big time. The fish dishes were competent but nothing to inspire culinary reveries. And way too expensive for a menu that has not changed in years.
  • The Palm (Coral Gables) - exists for business high-rollers with an unrefined palate. And the staff LOVES to pad the bill - we ordered cheesecake and when the waiter suggested we add fresh berries we obliged, little did we know those handful of berries would show up as an extra $5 on the check.
  • Solo on the Bay - the place has closed but when it was open its only saving grace was the spectacular view of the bay. It was always empty (a great place to have a secret meeting with your mob contact) and the food was unremarkable.
  • Bal Harbour Bistro - a place better suited to old ladies with bauble-covered fingers, the food is boring and flavorless from the generic dinner rolls to the limp fettucine. And overpriced.


Anonymous said...

Never liked the Palm. If you're not into steak the other options are lame.

Anonymous said...

I like the salads at BH Bistro. And the courtyard setting.