Friday, August 10, 2007

Samy D Studio, Tel Aviv

From my article in InsideOut.

Samy D Studio
56 Shabazi St.
Ceramics stores as abundant as falafel shacks in Israel. Maybe it’s the idea of getting in touch with the earth, but there is wealth of great clay masters in Israel. Samy D, who studied industrial design in Rome and can usually be found working in the studio in the back of his quaint Neve Tzedek gallery, has managed to distinguish himself with ceramics that are both artful and functional. Inspired by marine elements, the heavy stoneware and majestic lines give the mugs and vases a regal quality. El Al airlines liked his work so much they commissioned him to create their dishes for first class. Samy’s “Kotzvim” line features mugs, kettles and bowls ($40-$800) with 14k gold plating.

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