Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Plum TV Wants to Hear from You

Plum TV Miami Beach wants to hear about your favorite Miami restaurant. If they publish it, you win gift certificates for Miami Spice. So nice! From the site:

Send us a brief write-up (300 words or less) of your favorite Miami restaurant by next Thursday (Aug 23). We’ll pick a winner Friday morning, run the winning review that day, and pass along two Miami Spice dining certificates (free steak!) by Monday. Send us your review of that meal and we’ll run it as well.

Sound good? Grab a pen (or a keyboard). We’re looking for fun, honest (but fair), compelling copy. What makes the restaurant special? Who's your favorite waiter? What's the vibe like? Tell us everything – and send pictures if you’ve got them.

Email submissions and any questions by Thursday, Aug 23 to mbeditor@plumtv.com.

Now get thee to a keyboard!

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