Friday, August 31, 2007

Grimpa Steakhouse, Mary Brickell Village

For those who have never experienced a rodizio or churrascaria, I have two bits of advice: 1. Go hungry and 2. go hungry. I kid you not.

The goal of Grimpa Steakhouse is to make sure you are satiated, satisfied, and glorioisly gluttonous. It helps that the service at the upscale carnivore hotspot is fantastically accommodating, never raising an eyebrow when you agree to yet another slice of any of the 12 cuts of meat making their way through the dining room. The gauchos who circle the dining room proffering hot skewers of slow-cooked meat are impressively coordinated, deftly slicing and serving the cuts to order all in a clean and professional manner. The plastic disc by your plate signals the gaucho to approach or refrain depending on whether you've got it turned to green or red. Grimpa is definitely a meat-lover's delight but there is plenty to please diners who are less inclined towards red meat. There's roasted chicken, generous portions of broiled salmon and a hot and cold salad bar that could sustain a meal in itself.

For the set-menu price of $39.50 you can enjoy all the meat you desire and take unlimited trips to the salad bar which includes sumptuous cheese platters, roasted vegetables, leafy greens, smoked salmon, smoked fish salads, and hot sides like soup, mashed potatoes and rice (salad bar only is $19.50) . But filling up on the salad bar is a dire, dire misstep as table service includes not only the meat but also side dishes that are brought to your table including french fries, polenta (crispy fried almost like fries - a big hit) and farofa, a Brazilian dish made of roasted manioc flour (not such a fan - stick with the polenta). You absolutely must drink wine throughout this marathon meat-fest and Grimpa's got a nice selection of South American wines priced reasonably well.

The 300-seat, 2-story eatery is also a stylish newcomer to Miami's typically bare bones gaucho-themed restaurants. Plush banquets, tasteful lighting and an impressive glass wine case make this a great place for business dinners or special occasions. If you have room for dessert (I had to rally the troops for this one) you must try the warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream. Located in Mary Brickell Village, an area which is becoming charming and walkable with the opening of several new restaurants, making an essential post-dinner walk a good idea.


Anonymous said...

Grimpa has outdone itself. My favorite used to be Porcao but after having had 3 bad experiences, Grimpa will be my new spot. From the food to the service, everything was excellent! A caipirinha with dinner is a must! On a scale from 1-10, I give it 100.

Jaime del Valle said...

My absolute favourite in Miami. Great service and unbeatable food. I recommend it every time.

sara said...

Jaime - I agree the service and food are top notch.
Just checked out your blog - great stuff!