Thursday, August 09, 2007

Macy's South Beach Grand Re-Opening

Went to Macy's VIP opening event last Thursday. It was about as raucous as a party can get in the context of headless mannequins and racks of party dresses. The store looks nice, everything seems squeaky clean and refurbished. It's still a department store with fluorescent lights, but at least they now carry Chanel and Michael Kors. Govind Armstrong was there, serving small bites from his cookbook and being charming as ever.

My favorites were the mushroom-topped polenta.

DJ Irie made sure all the suits from corporate shook their booties a bit. In terms of the store's design, all vestiges of the 50's have been eradicated, with nary a seashell in site. What has been replaced in its stead is a Romero Britto-fest. Don't get me wrong, I actually do like Britto, I appreciate his entrepreneurial sensibilities and his generous charity work. He created a signature piece of artwork for the re-opening which is well and good, but was it really necessary to incorporate the Britto-ness into these collectible plastic bags?

And the shopping bags?

And the signs?

And, in case you didn't get the memo, there's Britto on the second floor too.

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