Thursday, November 16, 2006

Scope Miami Presents the Flamingo Sculpture Garden

Scope, partnering with its platinum sponsor, Flamingo South Beach, is proud to present the launch of its new program, The Scope Sculpture Garden, which is devoted to showing large-scale sculpture that explores humanitarian, political and environmental issues. Located at Flamingo South Beach 1504 Bay Road in South Beach, serviced daily by a shuttle.

Featured Project:
Marie Lorenz--Let Me Go My Own Free Way
Lorenz's Let Me Go My Own Free Way is a culmination of a two year-long proejct. In the summer of 2005, she began operating The Tide and Current Taxi, where she transported people around New York using the tides and currents in the harbor, taking people along familiar routes--to work or places that they went every day. The second year, she concentrated on taking people to places that they could not go unless they went by boat, such as islands or unreachable spots along the coast. After each trip, Lorenz records the events online, which can be seen at

For Scope Miami, Lorenz will perform a version of the Tide and Current Taxi in Miami called, The Waters Let Me Go My Own Free Way, where she will ferry people across the Bay of Biscayne from the Flamingo South Beach Sculpture Garden.
More Info: Scope Art Fair

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