Thursday, November 09, 2006

Asia Fun Fact: Bamboo Scaffolding

A sign of the melding of both the old and new that is constantly manifesting itself in Asia is the quirky and unexpected use of Bamboo scaffolding in construction projects. Cranes are a ubiquitous site in cities across China, and from Hong Kong to Shanghai gargantuan buildings rise daily with the use of this beautifully simple material. At first you think, that can't possibly be safe, but when you see it up close and observe construction workers acrobatically maneuvering through the wooden latticework you realize it's just as stable as metal and lot more poetic. Seeing a building completely clad in Bamboo rivals any public art project. Eat your heart out, Christo.


Insensible said...

The image that comes to mind is that scene from Rush Hour 2.

sara said...

I have yet to see Rush Hour 2 - what's the scene?

Insensible said...

The scene I'm referring to is when Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are hanging from one of the bamboo poles. JC says, "don't worry, Chinese bamboo is very strong". In which CT replies, "are you sure man?"

Snap snap snap snap snap fall.

Fortunately someone posted the movie on youtube, so you can watch it for yourself.