Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Scientologists vs. Kabbalists - Who's Got the Bigger Celebs?

Just finished reading this absorbing Scientology expose in Rolling Stone. Man, Tom Cruise is kuh-razy to be a part of that posse. Reading it reminded me of what a high school teacher of mine once said about religion: the less logical the faith, the stronger the pull. Hmm. Perhaps.
After you finish that 13,000 word opus, compare and contrast to Radar's 4-part series on the Kabbbalah Center and its millions. There are many disturbing things contained in these stories, but the one singularly unsettling revelation is that BOTH these articles begin with a scene in Florida involving some aspect of these mad cults. I know I've already covered this, but Florida is obviously a very attractive place for these wackos to flourish. Once again, I come to appreciate the Sunshine State, a land of loons.
Here's a list of Scientology celebs.

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