Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Real Reason People Go to Art Openings

Last night we attended the opening of Tobi's Kahn's Avodah show at the Jewish Museum in South Beach. The exhibit is great but I was distracted by the abundance of super-Jewy passed hors d'oeuvres, I mean we're talking kishka on platters, slippery little meat kreplach, chopped liver spread, mini-reubens, in addition to the usual franks in a blanket. And the Baron Herzog vino was a-flowin'. It was also surprisingly easy to get to the food, given the fact that we were the youngest people there, I figured there'd be a mad rush to get at the nosh like the Darwinian struggle for a cracker at a mega-shul in my 'hood (old people can be wily at kiddush), but this was a calm crowd. They were actually interested in the art. How quaint.

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