Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ocean Drive Speedo Party @ The Palms Hotel

T'was an enchanting evening done up Ocean Drive style with copious amounts of well-branded liquor, abundant trays of nibblings, and each white table garnished with several fat issues of Miami's premiere lifestyle bible.

A delightful breeze cooled us while we sipped Peroni beer under the stars while rubbing elbows with almost-stars (the "Real World" cast from Key West - ahem!), while the DJ remixed Jim Morrison classics. Soon the music faded, the catwalk glowed, and cast-members of the MTV show strutted their chiseled "real" bodies while sporting Speedo's finest.

There are few items that require processing for this picture. Firstly, yes, this woman is brandishing a cartoonishly large bandage on her thumb. That's comical. ALSO, how incredibly short are those shorts? Guess I missed the Daisy Dukes memo at the nightlife gear meeting because all the gals were revealing their upper-thighs like it was a pilates convention.

And of course, no party would be complete without an appearance from the Scull sisters and son Michael. He's the one in the pink shirt in case you were wondering.


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