Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Miami is a Playground for Grown-Ups

March is where it's at in Miami. Yes, December may have Art Basel and February has the boat shows but March is really the last hurrah for this city before all the snowbirds leave town, the humidity sets in, and people decide that eating al fresco is akin to "sauna dining." So before we crank up the air conditioners and retire the pashmina shawls for those chilly 70-degree nights, enjoy this month and the plethora of things to do before it's all over and we wonder where all the culture went...

First, a rundown of some of the hectic fun things we've been doing.
Saturday night we did our Wynwood Galleries walk, which was enhanced by a delicious wine tasting courtesy of Vine Wineshop in the courtyard of Locust Projects. If you get a chance, check out the show at Locust - our friend Jacin is in it with some kick-arse paintings. We enjoyed Brian Reedy's show at Dorsch Gallery, social satire in woodcuts, full of whimsy and just the right combo of cynicism and goofiness. One of those shows where you walk out chuckling and thinking. And isn't that what art should be about anyway? Someone needs to tell that to the Whitney Biennial curators but that's a whole other post.

Moving on, we experienced the magic that is Vizcaya Monday night for the launch of Norma Quintero's Social Affairs Magazine. Ok yes, the mansion and gardens are beautiful, fairy-tale like, and the stuff all Boca McMansions aspire to be, but let me just say that Lady Quintero knows how to throw a party - there were about 6 open bars (Roberto Cavalli vodka gets my seal of approval) and plenty of food stations - seared tuna tacos, delectable dumplings, mini-caviar blinis, and marinated black cod over what a waiter termed "tropical mash" are just a few of the highlights. Let's hope the magazine lives up to its grand opening....

Tonight our friend Lulu is hosting a music showcase at the Hotel Victor in an effort to revive the local live music scene. I hear the daughter of one of the Bee-Gees will be performing. Don't miss the chance to partake of live music by the offspring of Disco rock royalty. And of course Winter Music Conference starts this weekend! Can you keep up! Can you!

And don't forget Ride for the Tribe this Sunday!

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