Wednesday, March 08, 2006

When Falafel Won't Cut It

A friend who will be visiting Israel later this month with his family (aka Parents picking up the check) asked for my recommendation for the best restaurant in Jerusalem. I suggested Arcadia because it’s a crowd pleaser and chef Ezra Kedem has mastered the culinary style "Mediterranean Rim," using flavor palettes reminiscent of Provence or Italy and local ingredients combined in provocative ways — watermelon and Bulgarian cheese soup, grilled foie gras with figs. (By the way that watermelon-and-Bulgarian cheese combo has really taken off in Israel - it was on every platter of any public event I attended this summer.) Plus, Aracadia is located in a charming overgrown courtyard behind the produce market, and right across from a new super-cheap Ethiopian restaurant that I highly recommend.

I know many of my Jerusalemite chowhound friends would disagree with Arcadia's distinction citing many other creative, beautiful spots where your meal will set you back far fewer shekels. Upon doing some internet research I've found Daniel Rogov's list of best Jerusalem restaurants, albeit a few years old, but pretty accurate to my knowledge. I can vouch for Darna; our "business lunch" experience there was decadent and exotic, a true splurge. Friends who have dined at Fink gave it almost the exact same review as Rogov - old school charm, decent food, very European. I haven’t tried the others but there’s always next time in Jerusalem…

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