Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Persian Bloggers

Salon.com has an extensive article about Iranian blogs, territory I already covered in my post (do I get points for scooping Salon?). Also, Iranian youth may want freedom of speech and Western culture, but they are still frighteningly tolerant of fanatical leaders:
But young Iranians also appear to have absorbed the hard-line views of the president, even among the educated and tech-savvy Internet users. E. Haddadian Moghaddam, 32, an Iranian translator and journalist currently pursuing post-grad work in Sweden, sees merit in Ahmadinejad's suggestion that the Jewish homeland be moved to Europe, America or elsewhere. "I see his view of moving the land of Israel somewhere outside the present land as a possible solution," Moghaddam said. "As for his opinion [denying] the Holocaust, I would prefer to see it just as a personal opinion that is open to criticism.

Wow, scary stuff. But this guy is over 30. It's the under-30's that are going to save that country. At least, I hope.

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