Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Miami Dining Discounts Secrets Revealed

I will not divulge ALL my secrets at once. The Coupon Queen must maintain an air of mystery when it comes to dining deals. But check back regularly for more culinary comeuppances.

Today's deal involves a helpful website called Restaurant.com whereby gift certificates to dining establishments are offered a low price. Enter coupon code "87539" for 60% off the already reduced certificate. You can get a $25 GC for 900 Novecento for $4. Need I say more? The site also has plenty of GC's for other cities including New York City restaurants, so get clicking.

Another Miami dining deal I have enjoyed on many occasion is the "Beat the Clock" offered at 3 Lincoln Road restaurants, Le Bon, Spris, and TiramesU. From 5:30-7:30 everyday (including weekends) you pay whatever time you order. So if you're an old fogie like me and order at 5:45 you pay $5.45. And at Spris that includes a delicious Moretti beer. Brilliant.

And I just discovered Restaurant Place which lists various South Florida restaurants along with menus. While it leaves much to be desired in terms of scope (and could never compete with my beloved MenuPages) it still covers some new ground and makes dining research for Miami eateries a bit more thorough. And isn't that what we all need? To make simple decisions infinitely more complex. Yes indeed.

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