Friday, March 31, 2006

Elections and a Big Fat Doobie

Speaking of the devil! Here's Etgar Keret's op-ed in the NYTimes. He always talks about his family's relationship with marijuana which is quaint. C'mon, Etgar, we're not in middle school anymore, talking about your dad smoking pot is about as shocking as realizing your parents actually had sex in order to conceive you. But he does offer an insight into Olmert's stunningly un-dynamic approach to politics.
Listen, we've had so many Rabins and Pereses and Begins, people who tried to galvanize everyone with their charisma and energy. None of them ever really managed to bring us peace. I'm telling you, what this region needs is Olmert — someone who'll bore us and the Palestinians so much that we fall into a kind of stupor. A stupor that's a kind of co-existence. A co-existence that's a kind of peace. Forget all that 'peace of the courageous' stuff Barak and Arafat tried to sell us. Even a child knows that courageous people go into battle, they don't make peace. What this region needs is a peace of the tired, and Olmert's the man to put us all to sleep.
It's true - Olmert really is a yawner. The other night we caught a PBS special on him and his family. It was asurprisingly intimate look into the Olmert clan with Papa Olmert doling out fish to a long table of his scandalouslyy left-wing children and artsy wife.
But when he talks it'
If boring = peace then bring it on, Ehud, bring it on.


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