Sunday, March 19, 2006

Young Givers Just Wanna Have Fun

The NYTimes has a piece on innovative fundraising among young folk. There's some good ideas in there I may replicate - Mustaches for Ethiopian Jews? Anyone? Anyone?

I'm relatively new to this fundraising game and my job is not really about amassing high numbers but more about getting as many young people involved in the community as possible but there's a lot that the older fundraising organizations could learn from this stuff. Some salient elements of this article include the fact that younger givers want to give collaboratively - smaller amounts that when pooled together are significant, the idea that event-based fundraiser that are NOT black-tie are big sellers, also that young donors like to know where the money is going and want to give to smaller charities where smaller gifts are noticed and appreciated.

So with that in mind, I urge you all to "Ride for the Tribe," next Sunday. It's a community bike ride in Shark Valley and all the money raised goes towards helping resettle Ethiopian Jews who are waiting to move to Israel. You can learn more about it here.

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