Thursday, February 23, 2006

Guilt and Pleasure

One of the perks of being a Jewish professional (aside from the lavish liquor-sponsored parties, free electronic gadgets, and daily delivery of luxury goods), is that people are constantly sending me Jewish literature to give to other young Jews. (I'm looking right at you, Shmuley Boteach.) Usually, I'll let it sit in my office until I need room for more shwag, but in the case of Guilt and Pleasure, I was more than willing to spread the love. Here's a magazine that is smart, good-looking, and often humorous. The way you wish more Jews were.

So go, dear readers, and check this out. I particularly enjoyed Mark Oppenheimer's article on the Holy Land Theme Park in Orlando, as it makes me so proud to be living in the state of Florida, a state of lunatics. And Michael Berkowitz's collection of poster art from Jerusalem's Zionist archives had me salivating because, like good Israel-nerds, we have already begun our own little collection of vintage Israeli posters.

Oh, and if any of you want the hard copy, email me your address and I'll send you one, after I finish this case of Vitamin Water cluttering my cubicle.

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Tales of an Upper West Side Nothing said...

I loved the zine. thank you so much for giving it to me. i really like the article about williamsburgh. especially the part when they say that everyone shares the same sentiment as the chasidim- hipsters should just go the *%!@ away!