Monday, May 25, 2009

More 8 oz. Burger Bar To Love

The restaurant business is notoriously fickle, but this is one quick turn around - the space that was the short-lived cheeky sushi spot Zushi Flirt is now a second outpost of 8 oz. Burger Bar. We dined at Table 8 last night (more on that later) and noticed that the bar in the breezeway between the dining room and the lobby now has the menus for 8 oz. at each place setting. So the sushi is out and the popular burgers are in. No beers on tap though, so you'll still have to venture to the Alton Road locale if you want that. Otherwise, the same menu is available at both spots. And from the looks of the empty lounge last night, much less of a wait for your humanely-raised burger. 


FoodOfMiami said...


Their cheese selection is great, and I don't think I could live without their fried pickles!

sara said...

Have yet to try the fried pickles but agreed on the cheese selection, Govind knows his curds.

LAX2MIA said...

I went into my bathroom this morning and where my tub was there's an 8 oz Burger Bar. I was so excited!!!

In all seriousness I like the concept but don't know how it'll do on Ocean. Have a feeling that will attract the tourists and will leave the Alton location to US!

sara said...

Hah! L2M that's exactly what I was thinking, except that tourists have no way of knowing the place is even there, it's so unassuming.