Saturday, May 30, 2009

$3 Valet in the Design District

I've never had a problem parking in the DD, but $3 valet is sweet, nonetheless. And depending on how long you plan to be there, it can be cheaper than the meter.

As of Monday, June 1, $3.00 valet from 11a.m.-11 p.m., will be available in the Miami Design District at the five top restaurants: Michael’s Genuine, Sra. Martinez, Fratelli Lyon, Pacific Time & Brosia.


CB said...

A good idea if just for personal safety.

SteveBM said...

I was talking with Chef Schwartz the other day and he mentioned this. Pretty sweet deal considering that parking is relatively tough in that area and it can get a little seedy on the fringes of the neighborhood.

sara said...

It's yet another reason why the DD is SO much easier than South Beach when it comes to dining out.

Steve said...

You said it, Sara. Other than the 17th St and one of the 16th St garages, youre gettin boned for parking on the beach.

I guess Brosia will no longer be part of this plan now? :(