Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Words to Live By

It busy deadline week here at the one-woman-show known as All Purpose Dark. In addition to trying to get media buzz for Foreign Devils I have been busy tap-tapping away at articles for mass consumption. Above is a piece I wrote for MIAMI Modern Luxury on everyone's favorite street photographer Miami Fever. If you click on the larger image here you can read the story since, unforch, it's not reprinted online. Then there are First Look stories for Joley, Brosia, Abokado, Badrutt's Place, Andu, Bistro One LR, The Smoking Rabbit, and Nikki Coconut Grove.
And lastly, here's a piece in the Herald Home & Design mag about a fantastic house in Coconut Grove designed by Florida legend Alfred Browning Parker. The house is super cool, built in three pod-like structures and does not have a front door. Brilliant.


SteveBM said...

I gotta check out Brosia sometime.

As for Badrutt's Place, I also had the porcini-stuffed tortellini with veal sauce and black truffle as well as the tuna four-way. I thought the tuna was the better dish by far. The tortellini was OK but overcooked. That or it sat under a hot plate for a spell. I also thought both dishes were overpriced. Maybe my expectations were a little high due to the decor and hype though. The decor is definitely impressive. I went again for a drink last Friday and the place was dead though. Waitstaff is really good there, barely waited for a drink and our cute waitress hooked us up a bit on round #2.

I havent been to Abokado yet but a few friends of different tastes have told me not to bother. My 2 buddies sat down for a $100 lunch last week! Most feedback Ive heard is overpriced and nothing you cant get elsewhere.

I had the halibut at Nikki Grove and a jalepeno yellowtail roll as well. Neither was inspiring. The roll barely had any fish in it from what I could see/taste. The fish was a tad overcooked and I also forgot how much of a fishy smell halibut has. Saving grace was the tomatoes and Im not much of a tomato fan. My companion's steak looked and tasted great though.

Finally, great piece on that Grove home. What a work of art (literally)! You should share that with Tom over at Coconut Grove Grapevine as well.

Sorry, Ive got a lot to say today for some reason haha.

sara said...

Wow, thanks for reading and all the feedback. You really do get out to the new places bm!
As for Badrutt's - agree that the prices are high. I think they are catering to a banker-type clientèle.
Abokado - I actually think their menu is pretty unique. $100 for lunch is crazy, how did they manage to do that?
Nikki Grove - I loved the halibut, thought it was cooked perfectly. The sushi was uninspired, I agree, but you know not to go there for sushi.

SteveBM said...

Yeah, I know what Badrutt is trying to do and I can appreciate it. Once it gets more of a rep Im sure it will be worth the extra bucks.

One of my buddies got the sashimi platter which set him back a good portion of the $100. I forget what else they had though.

My halibut was dry. The porcini crust and the tomatoes were great though. I know not to go there for sushi but I knew the waiter because he used to bartend @ Jaguar and he recommended it. Oh well... My companion said the snapper was great on a previous visit. Im headed back for the filet next time.