Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spa Week!

Spa Week is back and it is a true bargain. From April 14-20 you can indulge in $50 treatments at relaxation temples like Spa V at the Hotel Victor, ESPA at Aqualina and Uhma Spa.
Normally massages and treatments go for $100+ at these places. But make sure you call ahead and ask about gratuities. When I called ESPA to book an appointment I was told there would be an automatic $27 gratuity added to the bill - it's 18% of the what the massage usually costs. But the Doubletree has no such automatic gratuity so it depends on the place.


SteveBM said...

Wow, good to know! Please keep me abreast of all things spa-related that happen to cross your path.

sara said...

Yes, will do. I forgot you work in the industry.

Anonymous said...

Yehhhh...Also, I was in NYC on April 10 for a media event for Spa Week and saw an amazing new product that was being launched in all natural skin care from a company called Olivier