Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Old Timey Ice Cream Rocks

Today is free cone day at Ben & Jerry's and in honor of the ice cream enthusiasm I want to highlight one of the best scoops I've ever tasted: Graeter's black raspberry chip. I was introduced to the creamy goodness of Grater's on our recent Louisville trip and it was love at first bite. Bursting with fruity notes from Oregon black raspberries with massive flakes of delicate chocolate chips it was quite a revelation. And this generous scoop was $1.95, none of that $4-cone business. Too bad I'll have to venture to the heartland next time I'm fiending a sphere of purple fruity awesomeness.


LAX2MIA said...

I love Graeter's! So much so that I contemplated ordering some pints from them. Then I looked at my freezer and realized I didn't have room to keep even the minimum order of 6 pints. Oh well. Guess a trip to Ohio is in order.

sara said...

oh shame l2m, I would have brought you back a few. 6 pints is way too dangerous to have on hand. It might last oh, a week or two in my house.