Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tzfat: Yemenite Bread and Mysticism

This dude is not an actor playing a guy who makes Yemenite yeast bread all day along. He really is that guy, and that really is the way he dresses. Tzfat is just that kind of a place. I was impressed with this fellow's entrepreneurial sensibilities. It's not often you find people working in the mystical city. Mostly they're studying, playing musical instruments, or you know, mysticizing. This was my first encounter with Lachuch, a spongy Yemenite bread that is cooked in a cast-iron frying pan. It was delicious. I shall be back for more, my bearded friend! He tops each order with a variety of fresh ingredients including basil, tomatoes, red onions and olive oil. The texture reminded me of Ethiopian injera bread but the crispy bottom is what sold me. For 10 shekels ($2.50) it's a great snack.


Anonymous said...

I was at this amazing bread establishment a few years ago. I've been to Tsfat since then, but don't remember how to find the place. I'd love directions - how do you find the amazing Mystical Yeminite Bread Man?


sara said...

Eliza - unfortunately I can't remember which street I found this stand. We just kind of wandered around and stumbled on it in the old city. Tsfat's quite small though, so you could try walking around and asking people for this guy, they'll probably know if he's still around.

Sara said...

Here's another helpful link -

suvir saran said...

Sara - a good meal can have transporting powers for sure. And your writing and photographs, do that job even better.

Thanks for this great blog.

Could have commented on each post. Now I have traveled through Israel and Tokyo with you. Have a few more cities and countries to follow you in.